Wroclaw. 800 people received subsidies on heating bills

In Wrocław for an additional payment to the bills for heatingEvery resident of the city who has liquidated the “soot” after January 1, 2018 or his apartment has been connected to the heating network may apply under the Local Protection Program. However, it does income criterion.

Residents will receive support per capita income in the family does not exceed 3,000 PLN (last year it was PLN 2640). On the other hand, single people can apply for support if their income does not exceed PLN 4,281; last year it was PLN 3855.

Katarzyna Szymczak-Pomianowska, director of the Sustainable Development Department in Wrocław, emphasized that in connection with increase in gas and electricity prices expects more interest in the Local Shielding Program. “Subsidies for heating can reach even those residents whose net income for a family of four reaches PLN 12,000” – said Szymczak-Pomianowska.

So far, over 800 applications have been submitted, and Wrocław has paid a total of over half a million zlotys to residents’ bills for heating.

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