Wroclaw. Prices at the Christmas market! These prices are shocking

Behind sausage at the Christmas market in the center of Wrocław, we will pay PLN 25. If we want to “a hunk of bread“you will have to pay another 25 zlotys. If we want to drink this meal a cup of borscht, we have to pay an additional PLN 10.

We can buy at another stand fries for PLN 14 (a small portion), or PLN 17 (a large portion), on yet another edible chestnuts for PLN 15 and PLN 25, depending on whether you choose a small or a large portion.

The Christmas market in Wrocław caused outrage among Internet users

For Internet users, the prices from this year’s fair were too much! “You don’t have the impression that the prices at fairs are the same as with food trucks. Prices completely disconnected from reality “- wrote one of the Internet users commenting on the price list from the Wroclaw fair on the site wykop.pl.

Others commented that for this price you can dine in a good bar or restaurant, or “eat at home for a week”.

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