Wrzosek is out after the defeat in Fame MMA. Brutal words of the head of the KSW

The fight of the evening between Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek was particularly important for the latter. Martin Lewandowski, one of the co-founders of KSW, said that in case of failure, Polish Zombie would say goodbye to the largest MMA federation in Poland. Wrzosek decided to fight “Don Kasjo” in order to get a chance for a rematch with Norman Parke. Ultimately, Wrzosek lost to Życiński on points.

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Maciej Kawulski announced the decision on Marcin Wrzosek. This is the end of KSW. “World of Consequences”

Maciej Kawulski, co-owner of KSW, was present in the stands during the FAME MMA 12 gala and watched the fight of the evening between Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek. On Sunday evening, Kawulski decided to inform the fans about the federation’s decision regarding Marcin Wrzosek. The content shows that Wrzosek was dismissed from KSW. “Marcin, it cannot be denied that we have been adults for some time. The world of adults is not always an ideal world. It is not a world of punishment and reward, but a world of consequences. It is a world where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and decisions” – started.

“Zombie made such decisions some time ago, and today he was faced with the related consequences. Adults do not have to explain that going to a away match does not change the discipline (especially ballroom dancing, if you are a fighter) and you do not leave the result in the hands of judges. In the adult world, the word given to people counts more than fame and money. At least as I know and accept it. permanent. For me it only remains to observe “- adds Kawulski.

“Here I will allow myself an apostrophe: Don Cassia, it was not you who fired him. Marcin did it yourself. It is important that you understand and remember it. And one more thing: if the ‘king’ would like to comment on my post using his characteristic phraseology … I am asking the ‘king’ to think twice about it. I am already old and I do not know all youth jokes. So much for now. We hear each other tomorrow at a serious conference … but not only for adults “- commented the co-owner of KSW.

Marcin Wrzosek was not able to come to terms with the defeat of Don Kasjo and a few dozen minutes after the fight he attacked his rival in the hotel. The players were separated in time and Wrzosek announced that he would appeal against the judges’ decisions. “There were such fucking scores that they were definitely wrong. We will appeal. Are his blows strong? Absolutely not, he beats like a * pass. Kut ** jusz. Anyway, I told him this during the fight” – Wrzosek said.

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