WSE again the best in Europe. Large companies targeted by investors

WSE again the best in Europe.  Large companies targeted by investors
WSE again the best in Europe.  Large companies targeted by investors
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The next day of trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange brought an even stronger blow to the demand. All day indices climbed only upwards, leading gains in Europe.

Demand is not letting go even for a moment. In the largest companies, with high turnover, stocks seem to be a scarce commodity. The commodity and energy companies and banks in particular have had a successful start to the year. Against the background of the positive sentiment on foreign markets, Wednesday’s trading on the WSE seemed hazy. There have been no such increases in the most important Warsaw index for a long time.

WIG20 gained 2.84 percent. and closed the session at 2,411 points, a high from 8 November. The growth itself was the highest since April 6, 2021. WIG gained 2.27 percent. The next day, smaller companies were doing weaker than blue chips, but their indices were also glowing green. mWIG40 gained 1.26% and sWIG80 1.10%. NCIndex gained 1.12 percent, generating nearly PLN 16 million in turnover. The turnover on the main market was the highest since the December settlement of contracts and amounted to PLN 2.19 billion, most of which was generated by large companies – 1.93 billion.

According to the sector indices, only the food industry (-1.68%) recorded a decline, this is due to the weakness of Ukrainian companies, whose investors, after the recent increases, are listening to reports about the US and NATO talks with Russia, among others. on Ukraine.

The undisputed leader of the industry indices was WIG-mining (7.83%), and there were also other sectors of the traditional economy: energy (3.91%) and fuels (2.88%). Chemicals, banks and clothing also grew above 2 percent.

KGHM stood out in the index of the largest companies (8.53%), and its price returned to over PLN 155 per share – unseen since mid-November. This is the second day of significant increases in the copper company and may be associated with the new forecasts of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which foresees an increase in copper prices to the level of 12 thousand. dollars per ton.

After six consecutive downward sessions, Tauron shares rebounded significantly (7.53%). It was followed by PGE (4%), thanks to which the sector index stood out from the market. PLN 8.37 per share is the highest closing on the PGE stock since the end of November.

Allegro continues its dynamic rebound (5 percent). The closing rate was at the highest level since November 23. Since their mimes, the rate has already increased by nearly 25 percent. In addition, the company distinguished itself with the highest turnover on the market – PLN 384 million.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the conference organized by PKN Orlen, at which the contractors of the transaction for the acquisition of part of Lotos’s assets were announced, and thus the fulfillment of the European Commission’s condition for the merger of both companies.

Following the announcement of Arab and Hungarian buyers, investors were more willing to buy PKN Orlen shares (3.87%). Lotos price, which in the first moment increased by more than 3 percent. finally ended the day with a decline of 0.34 percent. The Polish Unimot (10.11%) will also be a partner in the transaction, and it was the share price of this company that was the largest beneficiary of the announced transaction package. MOL, listed on the WSE in the dual listing formula, increased by 1.49 percent.

In the meantime, crude oil ranks the strongest price increase this year, and the report on US crude oil inventories published by the Department of Energy (DoE) has slightly pushed the crude oil price further north (crude oil inventories have fallen by 4.5 million barrels, gasoline inventories are increasing by 8 million barrels – the data did not meet the expectations of experts).

After the supply sessions, CD Projekt’s price returned to significant gains (3.95%). The shares of Pekao (3.34%) were still doing very well, growing the most from the largest banks, thanks to which the share price is at the highest in 4 years. The turnover in this case was second on the market and amounted to PLN 315 million. JSW’s solid growth (2.90 percent) amounted to over PLN 40.70 per share and 25 percent. from the December periodic minimum.

The record series continues on LPP shares (2.34 percent). The company’s price after the December rally, in which it gained 30 percent. and temporary correction, since the beginning of the year it has been screwing up the historic highs every day climbing higher. On Wednesday, you had to pay over 19,000. PLN for one share. At closing, the price was PLN 18,770

Over 2% the shares of PGNiG and PKO BP were still growing. Over 1%: CCC, Mercator, Asseco and Santander.

The mentioned Lotos and Dino (-0.31%) were among the companies that recorded declines.

The price of Grupa Pracuj was highest since its debut (1.29%). The new recommendation from DM Trigon recommends “buy” and forecasts a target price of PLN 86.

Among the companies from the second line, Amica (7.18%) stood out, and the price returned after a few weeks to over PLN 120. The Millennium Bank (5.61 percent) tried to make up for yesterday’s decline. The price is getting closer to November, over 2-year highs, set above PLN 9 per share. Like most companies from the energy sector, Enea joined the growth (3.96%)

On the broad market, it is worth paying attention to Mobruk (3.13%), the price of which once again met the level of PLN 400, but it is more than 11% short of the historical peaks in February 2021. The historic record was improved by Auto Partner (3.92%) and the company’s capitalization exceeded PLN 2 billion.



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