X-Men / Su ITalia 1 the film with Hugh Jackman and Halle Barry

X-Men, Italy 1 film directed by Bryan Singer

X-Men it goes broadcast today, May 19th, at 11:15 pm, in the late eveningon Italy 1. It is a film that made its debut in the cinema in the year 2000 and belongs to the science fiction, action and cine-comic genres. The film was directed by director Bryan Singer while the screenplay was written by David Hayter.

Within the cast of the film there are numerous very famous actors such as Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Bruce Davison, Rebecca Romjin, Tyler Mane and Anne Paquin. The music for the film was made by Michael Kamen while the photography was fine-tuned by Newton Thomas Siegel.

X-Men, the plot of the film: a group of humans with superpowers

The X-Men I am a group of humans with superpowers. However, none of them are frowned upon. In fact, the common man is afraid of these superheroes, because they consider them freaks of nature, regardless of the will of their actions. For the man in the street, the X-Men are a problem to be kept at bay or regulated, otherwise they could even face extinction. Taking advantage of this thought, Robert Kelly, an important senator, decides to propose the registration act of the Mutants. Simply put, all those who are mutants and have superpowers must report this to the United States Government and must be controlled and supervised.

For many this is a kind of condemnation because it means losing one’s freedom. At this point, therefore, two schools of thought arise in the world of the X-Men. The first is the one brought by Magneto, an elderly X-Men who has already experienced the traumas of the Holocaust being a Jew and no longer wants to live in fear.

He decides to openly take sides against this decision, becoming something of a terrorist and creating a team of dissidents and dangerous mutants. On the other hand, there is Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant who aims to show the world that the X-Men are good and can help the common man. Between these two currents there will be numerous clashes and in the end the situation will seem to get worse and worse. However, these events will lead to the birth of the X-Men team, a group of mutants consisting of Cyclops, Jean Gray, Storm, Wolverine and Charles Xavier who will try to save and defend the world.

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