Xavi has made his decision for Joao Felix

FC Barcelona is trying to move up the track to replace Ousmane Dembele. If some would like to see Joao Felix take his place, this is not the case for all.

Mercato FC Barcelona: Xavi does not want Joao Felix

it’s no secret, Ousmane Dembele Paris-Saint-Germain is about to join. To compensate for his departure, Barca will need to recruit if they want to be competitive in the competitions they play. For the Catalan press, a name that comes up with insistence on the Camp Nou side is joao felix, Admired by many for Mercato, the Portuguese is no longer in the scent of purity at Atlético Madrid, as evidenced by his No.7 handed over to Antoine Griezmann or his isolation during training. A situation that FC Barcelona wants to take advantage of and especially Joan Laporta who greatly admires the former Benfica player.

If everything seems fine, Javi According to Media AS, his arrival in Catalonia is not looking favourable. A decision that the coach has communicated to his management, which has something to do with thwarting the plans of the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, who is pressuring the striker to leave Kolconeros.

Bernardo Silva, desired profile

It remains to be seen whether the Catalan management will accept the Spaniard’s refusal. We know that the coach doesn’t hesitate to rebuke his management, especially when it comes to recruiting. favors the arrival of Xavi Bernardo Silva He was wanted even before his No. 7 departure. However, his transfer runs the risk of becoming complicated, as the club have informed him that he cannot put up the €80 million requested by Manchester City. An obstacle that follows the financial problems that Quelez has had to manage for some years.

If the Portuguese doesn’t turn up, it is a former Monegasque teammate who could land with the Blaugranas. Yannick Carrasco’s name has been mentioned but will be required to pay transfer compensation as he is under contract until 2024. Other details to be taken with a grain of salt, journalist Josep Capdavila mentions Barca are keeping an eye Alexis Sanchez To replace Ousmane Dembele. An astonishing detail considering that the Chilean hasn’t developed as a winger over the years. The transfer window is likely to be longer for Barcelona supporters, who will soon be orphaned by Ousmane Dembele, much to the delight of the Parisians.

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