Xbox “changed the way it operated” from Activision following allegations of harassment

Activision and Blizzard’s problems are still ongoing. The events of last year shocked the industry and Microsoft decided to change the approach to cooperation with the publisher of the Call of Duty series. Phil Spencer in a recent interview mentioned the decision of the Xbox producer.

In 2020, we got to know the real face of the studio responsible for the Diablo brand. Blizzard was indicted by the State of California on allegations of sexual harassment, and it was later revealed that Bobby Kotick knew about the studio’s big problems. As a result, the heads of PlayStation, Nintendo and Microsoft issued statements that condemned the situation.

Phil Spencer decided to take the next step. The head of the Xbox brand in a recent interview with the editors of New York Time confirmed that Microsoft as a whole changed its approach to Activision – companies are now supposed to cooperate on a different basis.

“The work we do with a partner like Activision is something that I will not, of course, talk about in public. We’ve changed the way we do things with them, and they are aware of it.

We are not sure how Microsoft’s approach to the publisher of the Call of Duty series has changed, but Phil Spencer during the interview said that the information presented “saddened and disgusted him.”

The head of the Xbox brand added at the same time that “the history of Xbox is not flawless” and even recalled the story from GDC in 2016, when scantily dressed women danced on special platforms. Spencer stressed that the corporation regrets it, but since then Xbox has been trying to “be a better company”.


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