Xbox Cloud gaming on Xbox One and Xbox Series

Xbox cloud gaming takes it to a new level. From now on, you can use the service on Xbox One, Xbox One S, X and Xbox Series X | S consoles. Without having to download them to disk and worry that they are only intended for the next generation.

And it happened. After the announcements, the availability of cloud gaming on Android devices (Xbox Game Pass application) and iOS (browser) and PCs (Xbox application or browser), it’s time for Microsoft consoles. Now you can play your favorite games on Xbox One, Series X | S consoles without having to download them. All you need is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a fast and stable connection. A few seconds and it’s ready – you can jump into the world of games available directly on Microsoft’s servers. And there is a lot to choose from.

At the moment, the Xbox website lists 314 games available as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. And these are only those that can be run in the cloud. From hit Microsoft productions like Halo Infinite (currently in a multiplayer version), Forza Horizon 5 or the Gears of War series, through titles from external studios. In the catalog you will find adventure games, shooters, RPGs, also Japanese ones, simulators and many others. The library is really big. Games available for running in the cloud are marked with a special icon that informs you that they can be started immediately without downloading.

Xbox cloud gaming now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles

Just remember that playing in the Xbox Cloud is still beta testing and you may run into a few issues. Lost connection may be one of the most common. For a comfortable game you need a fast and stable connection. However, in the case of Xbox consoles and home appliances, this should not be a problem. All you need is a good Wi-Fi or a network connection to enjoy the game without having to download often tens of additional gigabytes to the console’s disk. You cannot forget about limitations, such as the maximum resolution of 1080p or the lack of HDR.

For people who have the previous generation of consoles, it will not be a greater difficulty. For those who play the Xbox Series X with a TV that supports HDR, the quality of the game will be lower than if you downloaded the game to your console. In the case of cloud gaming, you can also forget about the fast resume, AutoHDR, increased frames per second. These features are available on the Xbox Series X | S with installed games. However, it cannot be denied that playing in the cloud is a good way to check if you like a given title. No download or installation required, which may take a while. Launching the game directly on the servers takes a while and you can start the game in no time.

Have you used Xbox cloud gaming? How do you like a future where you don’t need access to a physical console to play the latest titles? Many companies already offer this type of solution. However, I have the impression that it is Microsoft that will soon be the leader of gaming services available in the cloud. Not only because of the technology used, but also the library of games – both created in internal studios and from external companies.

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