Xbox Game Pass and condensed stories. Games for one evening available on the service

Probably everything has been written about the Xbox Game Passwhat could have been. Seriously, it makes no sense to dwell again on how great the service is, how much it pays to just buy it (and jumping from promotion to promotion it is almost free) and how it can fill us with boredom, if we have such a solution games may even exist. There are probably thousands of laureates for Microsoft’s services.

However, it is worth focusing on what is key. We didn’t love Game Pass for the very fact of its existenceand how many different productions from the world of games it offers us. Already some time ago, we published a text that I had the pleasure of writing, which focused on the longest games we can find in a huge library for subscribers to the service. The shortest of those projects is over 100 hours to complete!

This time we will go the other way. Today I would like to present you ten games from Xbox Game Pass that you will be able to pass even in one sitting – sometimes literally in one evening! So if you lack time, and you have a shortage of phenomenal adventures in virtual worlds, this list is just for you. Without prolonging the already stretched introduction, let’s get to the point!

Donut County (2h)

We start with the shortest game on the list, which we can finish in less than two hours in good winds. Fantastic colorful puzzle-adventure gamein which we direct … a growing hole! A great action to clean the world in an extremely comical edition, where, as a shed, we use quite unconventional methods to make the world a slightly more transparent place.

Pikuniku (3h)

Does the game have to be elaborate, huge and visually realistic to be drawn into your world? Not at all! Pikuniku is simple in assumptions and binding, but thanks to a very interesting approach to the genre of logical productions, it makes it difficult to break away. What’s more, absurd humor and unusual atmosphere make us dealing with something definitely worth paying attention to.

Unpacking (3.5h)

This year’s great surprise and a game that fits perfectly into the genre of “zen production”. It is by no means a difficult game, far from something demanding. Despite this, the fun is really greatand those over three hours pass in the blink of an eye. What is going on? We just unpack the moving boxes and arrange the items so that everything fits perfectly. I recommend strongly.

Limbo (4h)

One of my favorite games, simply. This very short, small and banal production. Despite everything, it is addicting like a drug and makes you want to know the next stages of the story of a boy looking for his sister. Fantastic environmental puzzles, a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful story. Moreover, one evening and you will know the whole thing. It’s definitely worth spending four hours on it.

My Friend Pedro (4h)

Next on the list is the action platform game debuted almost two years ago. And I must admit that I personally think that we are dealing here with a definite leader when it comes to items released by Devolver Digital. It is worth playing without a shadow of a doubt, because it is unusual for us to get into the skin of a very talented shooter who, with his dance steps, breaks through successive hordes of enemies.

Carrion (4.5h)

I could not omit a representative from our home yard, i.e. a Polish, extremely brutal platform game. In the project from Phobia Game Studio we play the role of an amorphous massthat breaks through atmospheric 2D boards and feeds on people to go through the next stages of evolution. The very bloody methods of slaughtering the victims are characteristic of the production.

Katamari Damacy Reroll (4.5h)

Another game in our list, this time closing in five hours, is refreshing the loud production about … Rolling a ball! The rules are trivial here – we start as a small ball and traversing colorful, fairy-tale worlds, we absorb larger and larger objects. Then, growing and drawing in more and more huge masses. Sounds cliche? It is true, but it is extremely satisfying!

Genesis Noir (5h)

One of the least known games on the list, but as a fan of art productions, I couldn’t let go of the memories. A wonderful surreal adventure gamewhich is a kind of a laureate for the genre noir. The foundation of the story is the main character’s journey, the culmination of which is to prevent the death of a loved one. A beautiful story with a very deep message. I definitely recommend giving it a chance.

Unravel (6h)

One of the two longest games on the list, but definitely worth a listing here. A wonderful yarn adventure in a beautiful world. If I had given myself a larger margin of game length, I would also like to include a continuation herewhich is even better and more extensive. Due to limitations, however, I focus on the first part. And I definitely recommend it. I am convinced that many of you will have a lot of fun with it.

Call of the Sea (6h)

We close the list with another adventure production – one of the louder when it comes to all of them. Production from Raw Fury allows us to enter the shoes of a brave womanwho sets out in search of the lost expedition of which her husband was a member. Norah (because that is the name of our heroine) believes to the end that she is able to find her beloved in the Pacific and fall into his arms once again. A phenomenal story.

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