Xbox Game Pass will reach 100 million subscribers with Activision games, for Michael Pachter –

Xbox Game Pass will reach i 100 million subscribers when i Activision games will be available at no additional cost in the Microsoft service catalog: the well-known analyst is convinced of this Michael Pachter.

Just as the first family plan tests are being conducted to share the Xbox Game Pass subscription, Pachter spoke to Yahoo Finance microphones about what will happen as the various episodes of call of Duty but also the most famous Blizzard titles will become accessible to users of the platform.

“Microsoft had an idea a few years ago that I thought was stupid: to launch a subscription and have users pay them to play their games,” Pachter said. “The point is, they didn’t have a large catalog.”

“So they began to perform acquisitions and they bought six independent studios, the largest of which was Obsidian. They are very good, nothing to say, but then they bought Bethesda, which is a huge reality, and now they are buying Activision. “

“When the operation is finalized, Microsoft will be the fourth largest video game producer in the United States. They will become an industry giant and find themselves in a position where they can actually support Game Pass subscriptions. “

“Their vision for the future is to eliminate consoles, use the cloud and bring their games to any screen – a potential market for 3.5 billion people. I don’t think Xbox Game Pass numbers will reach these figures, but will they go from 25 million to 100 million? Yup.”

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