Xbox is neither will be focused on virtual reality

Top responsible for the brand says that the demand does not justify the bet on VR systems.

Phil Spencer, Xbox’s senior manager, recently assumed that the company is not focused on developing virtual reality products for its ecosystem. Spencer says technology is responding to demand and, for now, there is no clear indication that consumers are asking for such solutions.

“No one is selling millions and millions of VR units,” he said in an interview with Stevivor during the X019 this year in London.

“I have some problems with VR,” said the official, who says he sees gaming as a “community” experience that hardly matches the isolation of virtual reality.

Spencer believes that consumers who want to play in virtual reality headsets “know where to find” devices that allow it, as sales are higher in the computer segment, where technology is far more established.

The official says that Xbox can get there, but reinforces that at this time, virtual reality is not the focus. However, the Xbox leader had already admitted in 2016 that the technology would eventually reach brand consoles when it was in a post-trial phase.

Given that the company has struggled to merge the PC and Xbox ecosystems, it is possible for technology to reach consoles in a natural way. However, there are still no confirmations to that effect.

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