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November 23, 2021, 8:00 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what the summary of your personal gaming history would be like? Microsoft has just released the Xbox museum stylized as metaverse from the browser level. It allows players to e.g. to see and share your own adventure with the brand and the achievements related to it.

Microsoft on the occasion 20th anniversary the Xbox brand continues to pamper fans. Besides the early release of the Halo Infinite network module ?? as well as the show’s announcements based on this series ?? and adding another pool of titles for backward compatibility on your consoles, the giant from Redmond decided to present the history of his gaming environment.

Thus, we can enter from the browser level to the interactive and full 3D Xbox museum (at this link). Too passé? Maybe I’ll convince you to take a look by saying that Your history with the brand and private achievements also found a place there.

See your story with the Xbox brand in the interactive museum - Illustration # 1

There is no shortage of eager people to learn about the history of the Xbox. ?? Source:

At the start, we will be greeted by the Microsoft account login screen. At least admission to the ?? exhibition ?? no login required, thanks to it a unique section will be created with our personal achievements. Then we will be redirected to choose one of the six corners devoted to: original Xbox console, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, series Hello and our private adventure with the brand.

After selecting one of them, we can move freely ?? together with other players visiting the museum ?? after clearly designed and reminiscent of the film Throne 3D environment. Tiles with individual curiosities and descriptions of the brand’s history are scattered around it. You can learn more about some of them by positioning your character on yellow circles connected to individual tiles. The whole was enriched with a relaxing soundtrack.

See your story with the Xbox brand in the interactive museum - Illustration # 2

Your very own Xbox brand adventure. ?? Source:

In the upper right corner you can customize your avatar, as well as, among others switch between camera first or ?? third person and share our private section reach your friends. By means of the icon in the upper left corner, we will easily return to the choice of the corner.

Downstairs for ?? was placed at ?? time, thanks to which we can get acquainted with a given topic in chronological order. The museum also has a place for more fun ?? exhibits, such as the red ring of death, or information about an attempted purchase by Microsoft? Nintendo in 2000. It is worth adding that, unfortunately, the Polish language is not supported at the moment.

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