Xbox One has been discontinued for a long time. Microsoft quietly put everything on the Xbox Series X | S

Microsoft abandoned the production of the Xbox One in 2020, focusing only on the Xbox Series X | S. The situation is so surprising that in 2022 Sony is to continue to throw new PS4 arts on the market. The situation shows a completely different approach of manufacturers to the previous generation.

Yesterday we reported about an interesting situation with PlayStation 4, as Bloomberg received news regarding the continuation of the production of the previous generation console by Sony. The company wants to put new copies of the console on the market throughout 2022. As it turns out – PS4 is already missing in stores.

It turns out that Microsoft presents a completely different approach to the subject. Tom Warren of The Verge contacted the U.S. corporation and Cindy Walker, senior director of marketing for Xbox products, confirmed that Xbox One is not produced from the end of 2020:

“To focus on the production of the Xbox Series X | S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles until the end of 2020.”

It should certainly be noted that Microsoft withdrew from the production of the Xbox One X and the digital version of the Xbox One S before the release of the current generation, but the company never announced that it also gave up the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is no longer developing the next Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X and for over a year the corporation has been focusing exclusively on the Xbox Series X | S. According to recent leaks – the company’s decision was a success, as in recent months players have bought many new copies of the XSX | S.


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