Xbox Scarlett

Some patents registered by Microsoft seem to go in the direction of virtual reality, with possible applications to Xbox Scarlett.

Microsoft may want to focus on Virtual Reality with regards to Xbox Scarlett, despite having kept it far outside the scope of Xbox One, according to some patents that have emerged these days.

The documents, reported by Windows Central, do not directly mention Xbox Scarlett, so they could also refer to PC peripherals, as long as they really have to do with products in development, of course. However, the presence of a sort of Kinect and the clear videogame applications of the technology in question makes us think of a possible application on Xbox Scarlett by Microsoft.

One of these patents concerns a sort of carpet, called “boundary mat”, therefore able to create a perimeter within which the movement of the players could be detected, probably also through the use of a special video camera that looks a lot like Kinect, based on the attached illustrations (visible below).

Another patent illustrates a motion-based control system, which is a sort of motion controller that could be connected to a device to be held in the hand or even to the simple movement of the hands and limbs. Linked to the latter there would also be a mysterious stylus that could allow a more precise control: according to the description, it seems to be a kind of pen to hold in hand, whose movements are tracked and replicated in 3D space in virtual reality, allowing various applications.

Obviously they are all taken as rumors but the patents are there and their most logical application at the moment would seem to be linked to Xbox Scarlett. Microsoft has always remained rather distant from VR as far as video games are concerned, preferring to focus on different applications in augmented and mixed reality such as Hololens, but given the consolidation of technology in the videogame field and the know-how acquired with internal development in the scope could have thought of a new opening.

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