Xbox Scarlett

The Coalition seems to have revealed the presence of graphics core dedicated to the management of ray tracing in Xbox Scarlett in an interview focused on Gears 5.

Gamespot has published an interesting interview with The Coalition, the team responsible for Gears 5, from which a small detail emerged that is however quite interesting on the Xbox Scarlett hardware, that is the presence of the graphics core dedicated to ray tracing.

The presence or not of these elements is rather decisive to understand at what level the ray-tracing graphics technology can be implemented in the new generation of consoles. Since there has remained a certain mystery about the features of the GPU for both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, the mention of the cores in question, although made extremely elusive, has a certain value to understand at what level we can think about the implementation of ray tracing, considered one of the main new generation graphic technologies.

“A new Xbox, Scarlett, will arrive within a year,” Gamespot asked, “We know you can’t talk about hardware that hasn’t been released yet but at a general level, what are your thoughts on increasing the power with the new console as far as is it about what you can do technically and in creative terms? “

To this question, the Coalition did not respond in a precise manner but stated: “We have nothing to announce at the moment regarding Gears on the new hardware, but we are definitely very excited about what the new hardware could do”, as we have already previously reported, but adding “Having dedicated ray-tracing cores is a huge thing.”

Although this is not really an announcement, it could be the first testimony about the presence of something similar to the RTX cores inside the Scarlett Xbox, or components of the GPU dedicated to the management of ray tracing, in a similar way to what happens on Nvidia graphics cards. This would allow a, compared to simple management via software, but obviously we await any confirmation on the subject from Microsoft.

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