Xbox Series X Mini Fridge does not impress with quality? The hardware test is a negative surprise

Next month, more players will receive Xbox Series X mini fridges, but the latest test confirms previous opinions – the manufacturer did not take care of several important details. The equipment is noisy and offers little cooling.

Last week I mentioned that the first copies of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridges reached the players and already at that time there were disturbing signals that the equipment does not present outstanding quality. Now, however, we can confirm the situation, because Kuba Klawiter received the device and decided to share his impressions.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is surprisingly loud, provides a maximum cooling of 7 degrees (although this was not achieved on the material), a the manufacturer does not recommend … Continuous use of the device. The creator also mentions the problem with opening or a few other shortcomings in workmanship or appearance.

Honestly, I had similar comments on Twitter a few days ago, but I was waiting for a specific video material that could confirm the quality of the workmanship. Now, however, we can check out the movie.

It is worth remembering that Microsoft commissioned an external manufacturer to develop the proposal, but even in this situation, we could count on a better quality of the project?

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