Xbox Series X one year after its premiere. Microsoft finally has an idea for itself

In the previous generation, Microsoft did not even want to fight for players. Now things are much better. The first year of the Xbox Series X / S is behind us – and for starters, it’s been really good.

A year has passed today since the courier came to me with the Xbox Series X console. I must admit that my heart has belonged to PlayStation consoles for years. Hundreds of memories with immortal Gray, then many late nights with PlayStation 2. Even though I had both consoles in subsequent generations, I played more often on those from Sony – mainly due to the game library. But so far we are at such a stage that actually 99% of the productions that interest me go to both devices. That’s why I choose the Xbox version whenever I have the opportunity. In this generation, it is the Microsoft console that gives me more fun – and not because I bought the PS5 a few months later. I have the impression that Microsoft has done its homework – and although sales statistics do not show it, it has provided solid equipment that is hard to fault.

I have already written about what I like about the Xbox Series X. After a few weeks I had my “but” related to the use of the console (see: Xbox Series X after a month is not so perfect. My problems with the new Microsoft console) – fortunately, most of the problems described there have already been resolved. After buying PlayStation 5, I was also tempted to subjectively compare both consoles: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? Subjectively about what each console does better. There are no perfect products, each has its own weaker and stronger sides, each one can be praised for something and scolded for something. But it is the Xbox that has gained more of my sympathy in recent months. And I think it’s been a really solid year for him.

A bit of news, a bit of classics – all with a Game Pass subscription

In this generation, Microsoft changed the approach to gaming and began to build a real ecosystem. Not only the console and game support on computers with their operating system, but also cloud games and access from a smartphone, tablet … and soon also a TV.

In the game library for the new console, however, there are some hot hits – primarily multi-platform, but not only. During the summer holidays, we finally saw the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the console version, a few days ago, the beautiful and addictive Forza Horizon 5 was put into our hands, and soon we will also see the latest incarnation of Halo. Halo: Infinite will be in the hands of players in December, with a beta launch earlier this week.

When it comes to multiplatform games – there was a lot of it, as everywhere. It just pays off for the devs to spend on several platforms at once – and maybe I was lucky, but whatever I didn’t get hold of over the past year on the Xbox Series X worked like gold. Final big the game with which I spent long hours there was Tales of Arise: beautiful, dazzling, although, as is often the case with games from Japanese publishers, not quite able to summon the power hidden in this equipment. Hitman 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps (which received a patch for the next generation) and the dazzling always and everywhere Tetris Effect: Connected fared much better in this regard.

But apart from the fact that new games are constantly appearing on the platform, classics even from several generations ago are supported as part of backward compatibility. The icing on the cake is the Xbox Game Pass subscription, where all games from the studios taken over by MS are available in a permanent offer (and new products are delivered on the day of the premiere). This is one of the aspects that attracts people to the new Microsoft console – and I am not surprised at all. Although I understand Kamil perfectly, for whom the extensive catalog there resembles juggling with demos. The defeat of the harvest.

Game console and media center support

For me, Xbox is primarily a game console, but I must admit that I also use it as a basic tool for multimedia playback. I do not run YouTube in the TV application, because the Xbox one works more efficiently. The same applies to other VOD services. An additional advantage: a BluRay disc player, which I have started to buy in recent months, wanting to have a set of my favorite productions on the shelf without fear that they will disappear from VOD services, remove songs or modify scenes – because that’s how it should be. The number of applications is constantly growing, and those that were from the beginning have at least a few updates – and they no longer cause problems on a daily basis.

I like Microsoft’s new vision – I like their subscription, I like taking over big players and I must admit that I am waiting for the results of this work. The pad from the Xbox Series X is not much different from the previous generation – and is still powered by batteries as standard. It doesn’t bother me a bit, just like the lack of an advanced vibration system and adaptive triggers (which I turn off immediately in PS5 games) – but I’m glad that even the most ordinary sticks it works for nearly 20 hours and I never have to worry that I will not program because I forgot to charge the pad.

It’s been a fine year for Xbox – but I believe the years to come will be even better

I must admit that this is my favorite Microsoft console from all the previous ones. No, it’s not perfect, but I have the impression that the company is finally interested in winning a little bit of the market for itself. The vision of building the Xbox as an ecosystem is becoming more and more coherent and consistent, and the services presented successively work better with each quarter. The catalogs of games are also supplied – both those for purchase, available under backward compatibility and the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Hopefully the developers won’t slow down and will keep working on developing the Xbox as a whole, and the next games will run just as well on the new hardware: at least 60fps and high definition.

I must also admit that I am looking forward to the effects of the studies that have been taken over by the giant from Redmond. At the moment, it is not known when we can expect them. However, I know that I will be checking them consistently, and I look forward to what Ninja Theory will propose. And it’s great that all of them will go to Game Pass immediately – what more could you want?

Finally, there is one more obvious plus of the Xbox – at least in Poland it can be bought at a reasonable price easier than the competitor’s console. And for those who do not know whether they will like the gaming equipment from Microsoft, there is always a cheaper alternative – the Xbox Series S. For about 1000 zlotys it will be a ticket to the next generation games – admittedly without a disc reader and equally high resolutions, but I think that they will not be a priority for everyone. Especially since it is half the price.

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