Xbox Series X | S beats PS5 but Nintendo Switch wins, in February 2022 –

The data on sales in the USA as far as gaming hardware they see Nintendo Switch as the best-selling console in February 2022, followed by Xbox Series X | S and then PS5 in this early 2022, with some other interesting details.

As reported by market analyst Mat Piscatella, Nintendo Switch was the platform that sold the most to February 2022 and also achieved the highest amount of units sold in the first two months of the year.

Over the same period, PS5 recorded the largest amount of sales in the dollars spent, which is different from the quantity of units actually sold. The mismatch between the different rankings obviously depends on the different price at which the consoles are sold, on average higher for PS5 than the competitors (considering all the various models available).

Xbox Series X and Series S are placed in second position both in terms of the amount of consoles sold and spending in dollars, as regards the month of February 2022 in the USA. In these minutes, Piscatella has also published data relating to the software market in the USA based on the NPD surveys, showing how Elden Ring is the best-selling game both in February and in 2022 in general, for the moment.

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