Xiaomi is probably rubbing his hands together. Charging 150 W will go to smartphones

Modern tech fans love fast charging technology, which saves a lot of time. Soon, the best Xiaomi smartphones and not only have a chance to receive a charging power of up to 150 W.

We can put the rumors about 200W charging in smartphones on the shelf for a moment, because the upcoming models will not receive it yet – even Xiaomi will not reach for such an advanced standard, despite the fact that it was the loudest about it. However, I have good news, because there is a bit less power at stake.

150W charging in the latest Xiaomi?

The flagships from 2022 are to offer fast charging at 150 W. This is by far ahead of the current standards, which reach 120W in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The extra power will save even more time as replenishing the cell in just 10 minutes.

photo Qualcomm

We are talking about fully charged, but a fully sufficient recovery of 50% of the energy will take even less time. Unfortunately, so much power is associated with further security and concern about battery life – after all, no one wants the battery of a new smartphone to lose its durability after just a few months.

150W power is to handle Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, that is, Snapdragon 898 – the American Qualcomm decided to change the nomenclature of its flagship system. It is said that the system will support power supplies with an output power of 150 W, but phones with such accessories will not be available for sale in a few months.

A handful of news about the iPhone 14 Pro, after which you will say – hey, finally I do not need an Android!


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