Xiaomi sells its smartphone business to the creators of LoL

Xiaomi trades with Tencent and sells its smartphone brand. Soon Black Shark will belong to the creators of League of Legends and the WeChat application. What does this mean for users?

  • Xiaomi sells the Black Shark brand.
  • The buyer is Tencent, the makers of WeChar and LoLa.
  • A new manufacturer of smartphones for gamers will appear on the market.

If someone tells you that they have a good understanding of the Xiaomi portfolio, they are lying. The offer of the Chinese manufacturer is so extensive that no one is overwhelmed by it. And it’s nice that the manufacturer will finally do something about it, getting rid of one of its brands. One of the most important players on the market applied for it.

Xiaomi Black Shark will be sold to Tencent

The deal has not yet been put on, but they are said to be moments away. Tencent will buy from Xiaomi the rights to the Black Shark brand for a modest 3 billion yuan (about 1.89 billion zlotys). Until now, this manufacturer has worked with other giants such as ASUS and Nubia. Now we should expect the debut of the first smartphone.


Xiaomi sells the Black Shark gaming series / photo: Abhishek Yadav

Don’t you know what the company is? You should. Tencent is behind apps like WeChat. He owns Riot Games, the authors of little-known games League of Legends and Valorant. And no, they are one of the most important gaming figures around the world. I am very curious to see what will come of it. Dedicated phone number for LoL? Gods save it.

Honestly, I miss some cool gaming phones. One that wasn’t just about performance. The last one that really appealed to me was the Razer Phone 2. It stood out – it was big and bulky, but it also offered brilliant speakers and the best (for its time) screen. Perhaps Tencent will breathe soul into gaming smartphones again.

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