Ximena Córdoba Almost Shows Too Much by Showing a Deep Opening

The beautiful television host caused a stir with an attractive image on networks, where she flaunted her charms with a tight dress that almost shows too much

The beautiful television host, Ximena Córdoba once again caused a stir after posting an attractive image on her social networks, where she flaunted her charms by wearing an elegant and tight dress, with which she barely shows more due to the large opening it had.

Currently, the popular Colombian model is participating in the segment of “Las Estrellas Bailan” of the successful morning show Hoy, which is broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel, where together with the actor Raúl Corona, she has dazzled millions of Mexican viewers each tomorrow with her incredible dance steps and the wonderful outfits that reveal her dreamy body.

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Córdova’s popularity has been evolving by leaps and bounds off the small screen in recent years, since only on his Instagram profile he already has more than two million followers, who have been captivated by each of his publications, in the that tries to pamper them with sophisticated and daring costumes to expose their curvy figure.

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Through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, the famous actress of “In the wild” uploaded a photograph that caught the attention of thousands of users, since thanks to the flirtatious pose she chose, she allowed all of them to be able to notice the absence of your underwear.

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As can be seen in the snapshot, Ximena Córdova modeled a refined black outfit, which had a deep gap in the neckline that reached her navel, with almost showing more of her charms due to the position of her arms, as one one of them placed it on his head while the other brought it to his chin.

“Today I feel happy to be the strong woman that I am, without the stumbles and falls, I would never have learned anything in this life #strong #masfuertequenunca”, is the empowering message that the beautiful model from Colombia wrote in the description of her publication.

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