Xiomara government moves forward in freedom of expression

Tegucigalpa, Honduras (05.25.2023). , The government of the President of the Republic, Xiomara Castro, is committed to protecting and promoting human rights and these rights include: Freedom of the press and expression, which are very important to strengthen the country’s democracy.

The president’s government plans to re-establish Honduras’ description that its current administration is an open state, with participatory and participatory democracy open to all Hondurans.

Furthermore, the document specifies that to work on issues of freedom of expression, it will: “conduct a forensic audit of public administration, to reform and/or repeal any contract or law that is harmful to human rights.” And vice versa. Standards that violate transparency, freedom of expression, access to public information, and citizen participation.

Castro’s achievements in freedom of expression

President Castro began working to promote freedom of expression and one of the first achievements was the repeal of the Law for the Classification of Public Documents Related to National Security and Defense, known as the Official Secrets Law.

This regulation classifies public information as reserved, confidential, secret and top secret, it became the enemy of access to public information and the right to access information is vital to the exercise of freedom of expression.

On the other hand, work has also been done in meetings with international bodies such as representatives of the United Nations (UN), among others.

In the timeline below, you can see how the Solidarity government has worked to promote freedom of expression in the country.

constitution and freedom of thought

The Constitution of the Republic of Honduras, in chapter two of individual rights, talks about the freedom of thought that every Honduran has.

“The emission of thought by any means of dissemination is free without prior censorship. Those who misuse this right and who directly or indirectly record or obstruct the communication and circulation of thoughts and ideas shall be liable to be prosecuted before the law.” are responsible”, states Article 72 of the Constitution.

Discover which are the articles of the constitution of the republic that speak of freedom of opinion in the following interactive image

On May 27, 2022, President Castro commented on the distribution of the “Álvaro Contreras” awards for journalists, his government’s commitment to respect freedom of expression and conscience.

“My government is fighting for the restoration of democratic socialism and in this act we reiterate our abiding commitment to respect freedom of expression and conscience,” he said.

Furthermore, she expressed that she is a “representative of tolerance, freedom and democracy”.

By: Annie Lisbeth Vasquez Morales.

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