XXIII edition of the international dubbing festival “Voices in the shadows”

They are the Italian voices of Tom Cruise, Harvey Keitel, Kristen Stewart, Jared Leto, Dominique Davenport, Austin Butler, Kenneth Branagh, John Malkovich. They are the voices in the shadows celebrated every year since International dubbing festival “Voices in the shadows”, which rewards the excellence of dubbing in cinema, television, audiovisual products and more. The event, organized by the Cultural Association Risorse – Progetti & Valorizzazione, is directed by Tiziana Voarino and has reached its XXIII edition scheduled from 28 November to 4 December 2022 between Savona and Genoa.

«”Voci nell’Ombra” – declares the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti – continues to be a point of reference for the sector, having been the first event dedicated to dubbing in Italy. Regione Liguria supports this festival with the aim of further stimulating the network created, and the appeal of our region as a film set underlines the good work done, also in the area of ​​promotion of the territory. Dubbing, which certainly represents an excellence of our country, is part of a rich cultural panorama that can also represent a job opportunity and the enhancement of talent for our young people».

«Do you know Maverick’s exploits in the latest Top Gun? We too – declares Tiziana Voarino, director of the “Voci nell’ombra” Festival – sometimes think we can’t make it, but with determined solutions we find a way to get back up and give the steering wheel the necessary direction and strength. We can count on the originality of the idea and the format because our Festival was born twenty-three years ago, and even more: multidisciplinary and multilevel since ever, it grows and evolves without fear, sows seeds with care and attention, chisels the message of excellence, quality, growth, improvement, accessibility, objectivity, focusing on a large network of collaborations, which for this twenty-third edition are about one hundred and twenty with a profitable exchange of energies between the territory and the panorama nationally and internationally”.

“Voices in the shadows” was the first Italian operation to enhance the professions and excellence of a sector in which our nation is recognized as a model. With the more than three hundred awards presented, it has helped to discover who the voices in the shadows are, the Italian stunt doubles of Hollywood stars, professionals capable of stimulating the public’s imagination with the most impalpable element that exists: the voice. Over the years it has paid specific attention to its value as a communication tool accessible to the visually impaired.

The days of the festival end with the Evening of Honor scheduled for Sunday 4 December at 6 pm in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, hosted by the radio speaker Maurizio di Maggio and the television journalist Patrizia Caregnato. It will also be possible to follow it by taking advantage of the translation into sign language – LIS. During the evening of honour, the names of the winners of the XXIII International Dubbing Festival “Voci nell’ombra” will be revealed, to whom the Golden Ring award will be presented, the ancient unit of measurement of dubbing referring to film rings, today replaced with the time code. A jury of industry experts (all the names on the page https://www.vocinellombra.com/giuria/) selects the best products of the previous season every year and inserts them in the list of nominations.


The XXIII “Voices in the shadows” opens on Monday 28 November, at 9 pm, at the Tiqu in Genoa (piazzetta Cambiaso) with Tutti pazzi per i coreani: an interesting audiovisual market for an enhancing and stimulating transposition that respects it, an evening in which the film Nido di vipere by Kim Yong-Hoon was screened, followed by a debate with the dubbing cast and director Monica Pariante of CAD.

Tuesday 29 November, 5 pm, at the University Library of Genoa (via Balbi 40), Tribute to Ludovica Modugno and presentation of the book Dubbing & Dubbing by Tiziana Voarino. Speakers Renato Venturelli, Anna Giaufret, Micaela Rossi, Paila Pavese historical voice of Jessica Rabbit, Nicola Marcucci, Claudio Pozzani and Lorenzo Doretti, Lara Citarei for her format Mi Doppio.

Two online appointments follow on the “Voci nell’ombra” website and Facebook page. Wednesday 30 November, 2 pm: international study day From challenges to opportunities towards new horizons: the future of the dubbing sector, multimedia transposition and accessibility in the use of audiovisuals, which will be translated into LIS, sign language with international teachers , also by Qatar University and industry professionals.

Voci di podcast is scheduled for Thursday 1 December, at 6 pm, during which the 2022 Podcast Award will be presented. For two days “Voci nell’ombra” will move to Savona.

Friday 2 December, at 21, at the Teatro Sacco with the talk show with projections From the past to the future with culture. The culture of the territory, the enhancement and protection of the audiovisual heritage, during which it will be possible to see a comedy by Laurel and Hardy from 1963, restored by SOS Laurel and Hardy.

On Saturday 3 December, at 2 pm, the dubbing masterclass will be held at the Festival’s Dubbing School with Emiliano Coltorti, voice actor of, among others, Jared Leto. Also on Saturday 3 December, at 5 pm, at the Pinacoteca Civica and the Museum of Ceramics, the Savona program closes with an innovative proposal with which the museum opens up to dialogue with other artistic languages ​​Voices at the Museum: cinema, radio, theatre, voice actors Italians and art. It will also be an opportunity to meet Francesca Fabbri Fellini, Federico’s niece, who will present the short film La Fellinette, and listen to an excerpt from Utøya, a radio drama broadcast on Swiss-Italian Radio and Television with adaptation and direction by Sergio Ferrentino, produced from Fonderia Mercury, dedicated to the terrorist attacks in Norway in 1911. Some “splinters” will be recited live, among others, by Gabriele Calindri, the son of the late Ernesto.

Finally, on Sunday 4 December, in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, the Evening of Honor begins at 6 pm, preceded at 2 pm by Ciak ai Giovani, a space in which students interview the voice actors, one of the activities included in the PCTO school/work alternation, with the development of training credits. Fundamental is the collaboration with the countless universities and with the Regional School Office which will promote the participation of students from Liguria in live events. Five trainees also take part in the organization of the Festival, whose activity has an agreement with the University of Genoa.

Over the years, while the Festival has expanded its network of national and international collaborations, more and more space has been attributed to the social function of the voice with attention paid to the theme of accessibility. In particular, the #Pervedereaocchichiusi campaign launched in 2019 at the Venice Film Festival, at the days for authors, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Festival, has enhanced audio descriptions that make the use of audiovisual products increasingly accessible to people with visual impairments: it will be awarded a Golden Ring to audio descriptions and a special accessibility award in the
use of audiovisuals, in fact. Also, the Festival was confronted with the opportunities provided by technology, for example through the increasingly widespread tool of the podcast and will deliver the 2022 Podcast Award, but also by comparing itself with the innovations of the sector. Focus of the Festival on training with ptco activated through the Ligurian Regional School Office and five internships with the University of Genoa. The local artists who create the prizes of the Festival in glass and ceramics. They are: Quidam, Vanessa Cavallaro, Nadia Allario Ceramiche Harrison, Gabriella de Filippis, Diego Santamaria. All the other awards are made by Quidam, which for the occasion presents mistagogo.it, an e-commerce site for artistic photos printed on glass.

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