Yalitza Aparicio and Michelle Rodriguez in The Walt Disney Company’s “Voices of Diversity” | news from mexico

Tijuana BC- yalitza aparicio And Michelle Rodriguezamong others, are part of the campaign “voices of diversity“Performing the walt disney companyWhich is based on the values ​​of diversity, equity and inclusion.

project brings together six stories To tell their inspiring stories related to diversity and representation with different personalities through the capsule.

Each video focuses on a story, featuring true and powerful accounts from people of various backgrounds, characteristics and situations whose lives have been positively impacted by Disney characters.

inspire the public

The campaign aims to continue to inspire the public through Disney stories.

Gustavo Sanchez, swimming athlete and Paralympic medalist; Michelle Rodriguezactress, singer and comedian; morganna love, singer, actress and trans woman; Santiago Corona, trans man; Socorro Casillas, actress and sign language teacher, deaf; and Yalitza Aparicio, Mixtec/Tricky actress and activist, are selected.

they all have sensitive and emotional relationships With the characters of Iron Man (Marvel), Elsa (Frozen), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Hercules (Hercules), Mirabelle (Charm) and Moana (Moana), respectively.

“Voices of Diversity” is part of Disney’s commitment to the pillars of diversity, equity and inclusion, always intended to be reflected in its initiatives, content, experiences and actions.

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