Yalitza Aparicio paired white pants with a handmade blouse at the 2023 Venice Festival

the trajectory of Yalitza Aparicio It has evolved along with his wardrobe in the movie. Sure, the Mexican actress wears pieces from Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Cartier, and other coveted luxury brands, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her Oaxaca roots.

Expressiveness is one of the virtues that stands out in his personality and his presence in the world. venice film festival was no exception. Just as Frida Kahlo herself would have done, Yalitza Aparicio handmade blouse Born from and combined with his home city. white pants. As you can see, there are classic pieces that never go out of style.

How to wear white pants and a handmade blouse from Oaxaca, according to Yalitza Aparicio?

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For many years, Oaxaca handmade blouse Since then, it has become a source of inspiration for fashion designers. Mexico’s cultural richness and artisan regions etc. san juan mixtepec It’s extremely valuable. The actress wore a tucked-in purple blouse with floral embroidered fabric and a modest V-neck design to pose in front of a gondola and stroll through St. Mark’s Square in central Venice.be white high waisted pants. A subtle silver bracelet and XL-silhouette sunglasses were all she needed to complement her look.

That’s true, but white pants It’s been all the rage since it hit the Fall/Winter 2023 catwalks, and it’s actually one of the must-have items in the closets of great movie stars like Maria Felix and Marilyn Monroe. When Valentina Corrado, Vogue’s Mexican and Latin American fashion director, wrote about the Doña family’s closet, she said at least 80 pairs of white pants were found in her closet. Another great star who wore these and left a memorable image is Marilyn Monroe, who was photographed by Alfred Eisenstedt.Now, it’s your next turn. Yalitza Aparicio.

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