Yamaha MT-07 2023, TFT instrumentation arrives. And then there is the MT-07 Pure [GALLERY] – News

The best-selling medium displacement naked in Italy and Europe is updated. A new TFT instrumentation comes with connectivity and the predisposition for quick-shift. The Pure offers a lower price

October 26, 2022

C.on over 160,000 specimens sold since its arrival in 2014, the Yamaha MT-07 is one of the most popular bikes in Europe and is also the best-selling naked in Italy.

It is a model that is very centered on the current demand for medium displacements and knows how to combine performance, characterization aesthetics and competitive price.

Land novelties of the 2023 model year mainly concern the new 5-inch color TFT display which offers two graphic themes for the screen: Street with bar tachometer, digital speedometer and gear indicator, Touring it has an analog-style circular tachometer to the right of the screen and a digital speedometer to the left.

Lhe new instrumentation offers the connectivity for smartphones with the app MyRide Yamaha which you can download for free on your smartphone. It is thus possible to connect with the Communication Control Unit via Bluetooth and view incoming calls and message notifications.

The system can also inform of any technical problems and send a notification

L‘app offers other useful features such as the monitoring of the key parameters of the bike, the route layout, the registration of the distance made, the acceleration, the maximum speed, the angle of inclination and more. Data can be shared with other Yamaha naked riders.

Another novelty is the provision for electronic gearbox control offered among the original accessories. The MT-07 2023 is in fact pre-wired for the installation of the quick shift.

The colors available are Cyan Storm, Icon Blue and Tech Black, the MT-07 will be available starting from February 2023.

THEl two-cylinder in-line engine CP2 of 689 cc – unchanged from the previous Euro5 update – provides 73.4 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and the maximum torque of 6.8 kgm at 6,500 rpm. The version from 35 kW.

The chassis in steel tubes it is of the diamond type, in front a traditional fork works and behind a progressive central mono; the wheel travel is 130 mm. The front double disc measures 298 mm and is braked by axial calipers, the wheels are 17 inches with 120/70 and 180/55 rubber. The MT-07 has asaddle height 805 mm from the ground, 14 liter tank capacity and a declared curb weight (full tank) of 184 kg.
The 2022 version was priced at 7,399 euros.

The MT-07 Pure 2023

The MT-07 Pure 2023

No.in the hyper naked Yamaha 2023 range there is also the MT-07 Pure, in Yamaha Black color only and on sale from next February. It is a simplified version in the finishes, for example it mounts one LCD instrumentationfor offers a price final even more interesting.

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