Yanet García Further Exposes Her Curves and the Bottom Is Marked

The famous Weather Girl, Yanet García, keeps her fans heated by exposing what is below and leaving it well-marked

Yanet García is one of the Mexican models who has undoubtedly fascinated locals and strangers with the large size of her curves, so this time she made an impact on social networks by exposing them even more by marking the bottom.

And it is that the famous girl from Santiago, Nuevo León, has not stopped giving something to talk about thanks to her exquisite impact anatomy, because knowing perfectly each and every one of those perfect angles, she knows what type of garments to use for further mark all its splendor.

It was through his official Instagram account that Yanet García shared with his fervent admirers one of those postcards that leaves them increasingly restless because of his irreverence, then used nothing more and nothing less than one of the tightest garments to show off his charm exposing even more those curves and marking the bottom without any pain.

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So, being in her natural outdoor habitat, the famous Weather Girl was placed in a daring open pose while her figure wore a small black hooded sports top and gray lycra leggings, in addition to the dark tennis shoes to perform the exercises.


However, what immediately captured the spotlight on social networks, was that Garcia, by adjusting that lycra too much, ended up teaching more than he thought and left the bottom to be marked, causing them to rise more than the spirits.

Yanet García is one of the Mexican influencers who has had no problem exposing her curves in garments that are adjusted to her entire anatomy, as she is very proud of her results and it is the same as seeking to inspire in the women who follow her and thus be a whole ‘health coach’.

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