Yanosik introduces payments for highway tolls. There is a catch

Sunday, 05 December 2021 10:20, Written by Maksym Słomski

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Motorway tolls in the next application.

From December 1, a lot has changed in terms of driving Polish motorways. Gates have disappeared from the two popular sections of the A2 and A4 motorways. Does this mean that traveling with them has become free? Unfortunately, only the toll collection method has been changed. We have devoted a separate account to payment methods articleWe strongly encourage you to read it. In this post, we wanted to convey an important message to users of Yanosik applications and devices.

Payment for highways in the Yanosik application

There are several alternatives to the e-TOLL payment system. Yanosik Unfortunately, it is not one of them, but users of popular devices and applications of this company will be able to make payments conveniently from their level. This is possible thanks to the option to add them to the e-TOLL system.

“In response to the needs of all drivers, we have launched the e-TOLL service in Yanosik devices, which can be activated in the Y24 application. This means that the Yanosik XS, S-clusive and GTR devices can be connected to the e-TOLL. they move by car or truck, can use this service after prior configuration “ – says Julia Langa from Yanosik Autoplac.

The information is transferred by the Yanosik device to the KAS servers, and the toll is charged on this basis, which KAS charges from the user’s billing account.

e-TOLL at Y24

Devices with a display (Yanosik S-Clusive and GTR) inform the user about the connection status with e-TOLL graphically and by means of voice messages. A device without a display (Yanosik XS) will notify it by voice. Direct preview of the e-TOLL connection status is available in the free Y24 application for Yanosik devices.

How to set up e-TOLL in Y24?

Just follow these steps:

1. Run or download the application Y24.
2. Select the “My Device” tab from the menu.
3. Select “Activate e-TOLL” and add your device.
4. Wait for activation (only takes a moment, refresh the view).
5. After activation, log in to the e-TOLL account at www.etoll.gov.pl.
6. Enter the business number on the website (after successful activation you will find it in Y24 in the e-TOLL status field, in the settings tab) and enter the vehicle data.
7. After successful configuration, a green sign will appear next to the e-TOLL option in Y24 .

Source: Yanosik

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