Yasmin Brunet, separated, gives enough to Faustão’s son: “Character”

João Guilherme commits indiscretion and gets slapped with response from Yasmin Brunet

Yasmin Brunetafter its separation from Gabriel Medinawas one of the guests of “Faustão na Band”, this last Monday, June 20th, but what caught attention was the way she gave the co-host, João Guilherme.

During the painting “Pizza do Faustão”, the model Yasmin Brunet was questioned by son of Faustão about what qualities a man needs to have to win your heart. Remembering that Gabriel Medina’s ex-wife has been away from the media since the news of their separation.

The rather inconvenient question asked by João Guilherme to Yasmin Brunet drew laughter, screams and many applause from the audience. The model appeared to be embarrassed on camera, but she is friends with the co-host and took the questioning well.

João Guilherme fired: “I have a question for my friend Yasmin! Here’s the thing, you’re single, all the guys talk, Yasmin is a hottie, I want to know: what do you see in a man today? What do you think a man has to have?” asked the son of Faustão.

The auditorium of the Morumbi station came down with screams and applause, making the girl embarrassed, but she replied to the question for having called her ‘friend’: “A friend who does this?”, asked the model to João Guilherme.

João Guilherme

João Guilherme, son of Leonardo, has had enough, evades the question, but decides to assume preference once and for all

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João Guilherme and Leonardo - Photo: Reproduction

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Yasmin Brunet is embarrassed, but answers question
Yasmin Brunet is embarrassed, but answers question (Reproduction / Band)


João Guilherme, not satisfied with the model’s evasion, went on and hit the same key. “Yasmin has to tell! She has a lot of face that she is watching and wants to know. What do you look for in a Yasmin man?” asked the young presenter.

Right now, faustão didn’t let it go and entered the conversation to give his opinion on the question of his son: “She is looking for a man who has attitude, a series of things”, said the presenter, to take away Yasmin of the tight skirt.

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Even though, Yasmin Brunet decided to answer and make it clear that she is single and is not looking for anything with any man. “I will go [falar] like Rihanna, I’m not looking for a man, but the most important thing is character!”, shot the single model, comparing her values ​​to an old statement by singer Rihanna.

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