Yotuel and Jencarlos Canela want to empower dreamers with “Sueno”

Through the musical theme “Dream”, zencarlos canela And I you he They want to empower the dreamers of the world. The singer and actor said in an interview, “The song was born out of our dream to see Cuba free and to see our people free.” people vip, “To see them in a democracy, in a system where they can decide for themselves what their future is going to be.”

produced by mafia and with the participation of trumpets arturo sandoval“Sueno” is a song that aims to empower and inspire people from all walks of life to follow their dreams and never stop fighting for a better future.

“We must first be grateful [Estados Unidos] who has opened his doors for us. Someone comes here with a desire to fight, trying to succeed in a country that is not yours. It is important, to be grateful for the opportunities this country provides to dream big,” Yotuel said.

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“That’s the dream we want to broadcast to Cuba, that’s why [creamos] this song. I think coming to America and dreaming is a choice the day we get freedom. If we’re fighting for Cuba, we’re fighting because we want someone from Cuba to dream.”

director anilo troyThe video captures the essence of the song and takes the audience on a journey of hope, resilience and the power of dreams. The single’s artwork features a lotus flower, depicting overcoming adversity and rebirth, representing hope for many Cubans in the current climate.


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