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Hard hit and response between Emma Bonino And Carlo Calenda. After the tear of Action with the Democratic Party and its separation from + Europe, the accounts between former allies are settled. Bonino and Calenda in fact traveled on the same boat with a common program that united Action with + Europe. Then the crash. Bonino has not in fact digested the tearing of the Action elader and so she has decided to keep faith with the pact with Letta. Open up heaven.

Immediately after, in the chats ...: Draghi still premier, the shocking confirmation

Today Bonino has in fact attacked without ifs and buts at Calenda with a rather harsh sentence: “I have never seen such a fraudulent turnaround like that of Calenda”. Words of fire which ignite the electoral campaign even more and which in fact leave quite deep controversy aftermath.

All those with whom Calenda has quarreled: that's who Mister Action really is

In fact, Calenda’s reaction soon arrived and she did not send them to say to Bonino herself: “Emma Bonino, I’m a polite person. I only had words of esteem for you. Try not to lose control of yourself. Thank you”. In short, a real war has been unleashed around the leader of Action that could have unpredictable results. In fact there will most likely be an election campaign in the election campaign. On the one hand, the center-left against the center right but also the coalition of Letta that will try to stop the Action race after last Sunday’s “high betrayal” live on TV from the Annunziata.

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