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The ban on wearing the abaya in schools, proclaimed by Gabriel Attal, new Minister of National Education, at 8 p.m. on TF1 on Sunday August 27, 2023, stirred up the Face to face of BFMTV and RMC this Thursday, August 31. A very tense exchange took place on the subject between Apolline de Malherbe and Mathilde Panot.

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Apolline de Malherbe / Mathilde Panot: the shock

The host, who experienced an upset comeback, launched hostilities by asking her interlocutor if she was not in the wrong fight. “Here too, we are dealing with a controversy which has been launched and which is only there to fragment the people because the power in place needs to fragment the people. What will happen? headteachers in situations that are going to be unimaginable…”replied the president of La France Insoumise to the National Assembly.

“When you walk into a class, doesn’t wearing an abaya or not distinguish those who are of a religious affiliation from others?!”, insisted Apolline de Malherbe. Mathilde Panot replied in the negative, arguing that it was not for them to say. The host appeared hallucinated by the comments made by her interlocutor.

Following the exchange, she sought to understand what motivates some young girls to wear the abaya. “Isn’t it also the question of equality between men and women?”she launched to her guest. “When you’re in college, a lot of young women choose to have loose clothing, whether it’s abayas, sweatshirts…”replied the president of La France Insoumise to the National Assembly while hammering that the Council of Muslim Worship does not qualify the abaya as a religious garment.

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“You are unable to distinguish an abaya from a long dress”

Apolline de Malherbe did not stop there. “When you enter a class, do you think at first sight that those who wear the abaya are not Muslim?! Have you ever seen young secular girls wearing the abaya? “she asked Mathilde Panot. “Yes, because I have just explained to you that you were incapable – you like me – of distinguishing an abaya from a long dress. So you are incapable!”replied the guest of the Face to face.

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