you are not allowed to share your account with others

Account sharing complies with Netflix’s terms and conditions when it applies to members of one household. After creating an account and choosing the right package, you can create five separate profiles and watch programs from five different devices simultaneously. The website has been trying for a long time to influence its customers not to provide the possibility of watching movies and series, e.g. to their roommates or relatives living elsewhere, after paying only one bill.

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Netflix warns – so far selected

Now, the tests of the solution that initially operated in the United States, and recently also in Italy, have reached Poland. Selected users receive information that sharing the profile with people living outside the household of the account owner is against the regulations – it is point 4.2 regarding the rules for the provision of the service. As noted by the Virtual Media service, in the fifth part entitled “Passwords and access to the account” there is a clarification of the previous provisions, which in extreme cases allow the suspension or even the removal of a shared account.

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For now, it is not known whether the messages will appear for all users of the website, as well as what the next steps of Netflix in Poland will be in connection with the provision of access by customers to third parties.

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Netflix is ​​currently the largest streaming platform in the world. In Poland, the website was launched in autumn 2016. On November 30, 2018, the first production from our country appeared in the offer – the series “1983” with Robert Więckiewicz and Maciej Musiał in the lead roles.

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