You block the ads, they’ll cut you off. Easy

You block the ads, they'll cut you off.  Easy

The makers of Telegram messenger will no longer tolerate unofficial customers that block broadcast ads.

Telegram, long regarded as the most liberal and user-friendly instant messaging program, was finally released in the middle of this year the plagues of our time ads. Although these ads are not very intrusive, there were people who decided to fight them anyway. End of this good.

As announced, on the day January 1, 2022 Telegram will block any unofficial client that uses the shared API to connect to the messenger network, but cuts out the ads. In a short announcement, the company explicitly states that it does not intend to support solutions that do not display sponsored content in any way.

Advertising on Telegram is really subtle

In practice, affiliate content is only displayed on channels from over 1000 usersin the form of a single message without photos. Thus, no ads appear in the private chat list or in private messages. After all, some are apparently still disturbed.

Let’s add, these are not always the users themselves, because alternatives such as TalkGram also have earning aspirations. Their authors, having removed Telegram ads, are happy to add theirs. Not only that, they just delete $ 0.99 in the specified case. per month for a subscription under the pretext of increased security.

Pavel Durov, the Russian businessman behind the application, has repeatedly argued that he is not a supporter of intrusive advertising, but that he must maintain the infrastructure from something. According to his announcement, an alternative will soon appear: paid service allowing for a nominal fee to disable advertising content in the messenger. Of course, this time without any additional obstacles.

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Text source: Telegram, ed. own

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