“You brought him here, Dad, be responsible.”

The vice president again questioned the former president about the debt he signed with the IMF in 2019.

Vice President Christina Kirchner Former president Mauricio Macri questioned again on Tuesday over debt In 2019, it signed a contract with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “You brought him here, Dad, responsibly,” he contracted.

It was from a video fragment of an interview Mr. Macri gave in Tennessee on Monday night, in which Mr. Macri asserted that the foundation “promoted this murderous trap” and said, “Juntos por el cambio ‘s program should be supported ‘because it is here’. ”.

This last sentence was what provoked the indignation of Christina Kirchner. “Really? You’re screwing me! Why is the fund already here? If you brought it, Dad… Take care of something for once in your life. Good luck !” the former president wrote on his network.

In a video snippet that went viral and shared by Christina Kirchner to criticize Macri, the former president analyzed Argentina’s economic scenario and the changes it should make in December.

In this context, he mentioned a stock hike. “For me you have to get up as soon as possible. It doesn’t make sense without the dollar. You have to negotiate and sit wisely as soon as possible. Give the image of deregulation, independence from the central bank, and bold fiscal commitments to achieve equilibrium, and the Argentinians will trust again, and the world will trust them again. ”

On that occasion, he mentioned the IMF, infuriating the vice president. “This heinous stock and the fund that softened all this disaster, if the program we present is serious enough, will also need to: It’s already here, so let’s say, “Well, I stand by this one.” And it will be of great help going forward,” the president said.

Macri gave a wide range of interviews and appeared to give Patricia Bulrich a new nod for some kind of criticism of Horacio Rodriguez Laretta. He did so by pointing out how he plans to implement the government’s plans if candidate Juntos Pol El Cambio wins the presidential election.

“When you listen to them, there are a lot of coincidences in why they want to do what they want to do. is already with me and today has immeasurable experience and tremendous courage to face what is yet to come.. The difference is in the method. ” he said in an interview in Tennessee.

“Patricia believes that with the support of the public and the increased weight we carry in the House and Senate today, we must initiate immediate and fundamental change. Horacio does the same. I believe in a deep change,” he deepened his position. However, the majority will be expanded and other protagonists of the leadership will also participate. ”

“That’s the difference between me and you.”About him (by the current Mayor of Buenos Aires). We have discussed it many times. In my experience, it is difficult for those who have been and will be responsible for this deterioration and decadence in Argentina to be willing to cooperate with the changes that begin with the loss of privileges,” the former president said during his speech. told to

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