You can already build a house up to 70 sq m without permission

The Act of 17 September 2021 amending the Construction Law and the Act on spatial planning and development allows faster and easier construction of detached, no more than two-storey, single-family residential buildings with a building area of ​​up to 70 sq m. The area of ​​such houses must be entirely on the plot or plots on which they were designed, and their construction is to be carried out in order to meet the investor’s own housing needs.

Construction can be carried out in a simplified procedure, i.e. on the basis of a simplified notification, without the obligation to appoint a site manager and without the obligation to keep a construction logbook.

According to the Ministry of Development and Technology, the facilitation of the application procedure consists in excluding the possibility for the architectural and construction administration authority to submit an objection to the application submitted by the investor. It will be possible to start construction immediately after the architectural and construction administration has received an appropriate application along with a complete set of documents.

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