You can buy cosmetics used by Kendall Jenner in Poland. It is a guarantee of a beautiful and radiant complexion!

How does Kendall Jenner care for the complexion? Cosmetics that he uses can be easily bought in Poland. Both the care and makeup ones. This is the secret to her radiant appearance.

It dazzles on the catwalks! But she’s also a perfectly normal girl who struggles with the same problems as us. The best example? A top model can play a trick on her complexion. It is enough to mention the 2018 Golden Globe Gala, where the star appeared with visible pimples on his cheeks, thus causing an unhealthy sensation on the Internet … Over time, Kendall has mastered the art of skin care to minimize the risk of pimples, and the skin was well moisturized, fresh and radiant. You are curious how does Kendall Jenner take care of their skin every day? We don’t keep you in suspense. We reveal which cosmetics she uses and why it is worth using them. Good news? You can easily buy them in Poland.

The basis for the care of Kendall’s complexion is … a proper diet. The top model drinks a lot of water and cuts down on dairy and processed foods. Only the next step is cosmetics. As revealed in her beauty application by top model dermatologist Dr. Christie Kidd, Kendall never goes anywhere without applying sunscreen – regardless of the season. And rightly so, because thanks to this, it counteracts the aging processes, prevents any irritation and discoloration from the sun on the face. The top model does not part with the EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum cream with SPF 46 filter. Unfortunately, you will not get it in Poland, but you can easily buy the serum Kendall uses.

According to the dermatologist’s assurances, Kendall regularly applies it to the face Kiehl’s regenerating oil – Daily Reviving Concentrate, which has an antioxidant effect and strengthens the skin’s defense mechanisms.

Intended for all skin types – from dry to oily skin, it contains the power of natural ingredients that benefit the skin: tamanu oil, which reduces the visibility of skin damage, soothes and moisturizes it, sunflower oil that smoothes it beautifully, and ginger root oil that protects against free radicals. All this makes the complexion look fresh and radiant.

Another product she is addicted to? A drying balm by Mario Badescu, which, thanks to the content of alcohol and salicylic acid, is unmatched in drying imperfections – a night is enough! It cleanses the skin, soothes and reduces pores.

The top model has one more product of this brand in her make-up bag. It is about face mist with aloe vera, cucumber and green tea, which also has moisturizing and refreshing properties – leaves a pleasant feeling of coolness on it, smells good and is quickly absorbed. It works great for tired skin – even the sensitive one. And it’s inexpensive!

Unlike the moisturizer the star uses – the world’s favorite celebrity bestseller from La Mer – Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream. What is its phenomenon? It intensively moisturizes even the most dry skin, making the feeling of tightness just a faint memory. Visibly reduces wrinkles, smoothes the skin and adds elasticity and softness to it.

Kendall Jenner also does not avoid makeup, although, as she emphasizes, she does not like to put tons of cosmetics on her face – the less the better. Without a few, however, he cannot imagine his life. One of them is Chanel Vitalumière illuminating foundation, which perfectly masks skin imperfections, such as discoloration or fine wrinkles. It also protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, because it contains an SPF 15 filter. Above all, it makes even gray and tired skin glow. The foundation is available from Douglas.

Even more shine? The radiant complexion effect Kendall Jenner curls up, reaching for the Marc Jacobs illuminating stick – Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stickthat you can easily buy at Sephora.

Thanks to its creamy formula, it is easy to apply, and thanks to a mix of silver and gold pearls, it masterfully illuminates, beautifully reflecting the light. A youthful look guaranteed, and at the same time natural, because the product blends perfectly with the skin. Hit!

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