You can buy Jennifer Lopez’s favorite hair cosmetics in Poland!

When we think about Jennifer Lopez, we immediately see her phenomenal figure and voluminous hair. It turns out, however, that not only great genes are responsible for their appearance, but also carefully selected cosmetics and accessories for care and styling. Note: You can buy all of them in Poland and you will not spend a fortune on them. Well, maybe apart from the dryer, but she is second to none …

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Jennifer Lopez’s favorite hair care products

When it comes to hairstyles – length, color, styling and care, J. Lo has trusted one stylist for years – Chris Appleton. It was he who selected her products and accessories in such a way that they met the star’s expectations in 100%. An example of this is the Dream Coat, WOW protective, smoothing and anti-frizz spray (PLN 119).

J.Lo WOW Dream Coat hair cosmetics

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It was this spray that Chris used before J.Lo’s performance at the Super Bowl in Miami. And if it has proven itself in such humidity, it will work anywhere!

Another hair item recommended by Chris is the Ultimate Brush, TANGLE TEEZER (PLN 68 / Perfectly smoothes the hair, but does not damage the styling. That’s why Chris always uses it just before Jennifer Lopez goes on stage.

J.Lo hair cosmetics brush Tangle Teezer

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J.Lo has beautiful hair and it is largely due to proper care. The singer reaches for the N3, OLAPLEX hair strengthening and rebuilding treatment (about PLN 90) at least once a week.

J.Lo Olaplex hair cosmetics 3

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In turn, the star uses the most expensive hair dryer to dry the hair, loved by the best hair stylists in the world. Supersonic DYSON (PLN 1698) has an amazing technology, thanks to which it dries much faster than traditional hair dryers, and also uses a lower temperature, thanks to which the hair is much less damaged.

J.Lo hair cosmetics Dyson hair dryer

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But J.Lo is not driven by price, but by quality. And he chooses only effective products, such as Elnett’s hairspray, well-known for years, L’OREAL PARIS, approx. PLN 18. She has been faithful to him for a very long time and has no intention of replacing it with a newer variant. Indeed, Elnett holds the hairstyle perfectly, without the glistening effect.

hair cosmetics J.Lo Elnett varnish

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