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elections started that will define final business Competition “Bicentennial Stained Glass”, the chosen ones will emergeMost liked stained glass windows pictures In the publication made by the municipality on its official Facebook page.

arose at the request of the initiative Tandil’s Board of Trade And this Secretariat of Productive Development and International RelationsWithin the framework of the city’s bicentennial celebrations.

He pivot of competitionin which establishments that may or may not be part of a commercial organization could certainly participate Celebration of 200th anniversary of the establishment of the independence of the fort, Nominees were encouraged to include photographs, objects and various elements referencing the historical date.

The “Bicentennial Stained Glass” was announced last March in the presence of Mayor Miguel Lungi. It is a competition organized by categories according to the size of the stores. Not less than 200 thousand pesos will be awarded to each winner,

In conversation with El Eco de Tandil, geraldine vicachi The Business Chamber, reported that about 200 businesses signed up for the contest, but there were 100 that specified their window and among which the public must define.

“People can vote only through Facebook of Tandil Municipality. Effective voting happens with ‘like’, not with comment. The first instance which goes from May 10 to May 14 is the popular vote, and the five highest votes from each category will be counted, from which the jury will select the best “Pure.

Wichachi said it was an initiative that resulted in “very successful” Traders response. “It’s heartening to see how businesses took this opportunity to recreate their history, and how they connected to the city. It was their contribution, their gift to the city”Celebrated.

represent the bicentennial

Especially in the city center, but also in commercial establishments in different areas and neighborhoods, it has been a long time to see how each shop window was preparing for the competition.

Bicentennial Stained Glass - 3

Many chose the number “200”, others for elements to identify Tandil, still others for photographs and old objects. The vast majority also used part of their wares, creating a mix between the historical dimension and the impression of each place.

“Every business was reconstructing their history, valuing the items they had from the past, celebrating, celebrating, posting photos. The competition spawned a lot of things that Smriti and Tandil are related”raised.

It should be noted that businesses from the center as well as various neighborhoods in the city signed up for the contest. In turn, on behalf of the organization, he valued the variety of items on offer.

“The rich thing about it is there are hardware stores, greengrocers, selling real estate, farm machinery, a lot of diverse items. Everyone celebrates the birth anniversary of Tandil from their respective places. Many also made window sills with the products they sold, so it has a lot of decorative and ornamental value”Vichachi pointed out.

For its part, the Secretary of Municipalities, Productive Development and International Relations Marcella Petrantoniosaid they celebrate “In this way the businesses have contributed with their activity to give visibility to Tandil’s bicentenary.”

In turn, he rated the call as “acceptable”, “in a context where merchants not only have to be creative but also make small investments to dress up their shop windows.”

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