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Nerves a little tense between Massimo Giletti And Myrta Merlino to The air that pulls. The reporter sends the ad in the middle of the discussion about war in Ukrainearousing a certain amazement in the conductor of It is not the Arenaguest in the studio.

Faced with the veiled complaints of her colleague, Merlino spreads her arms: “Oh I know, I have a lot! But I’m full of advertising”. At that point Giletti just has to congratulate Merlino: “It means that the programs are going well”. Home run, the unionist’s joke arrives Giorgio Cremaschiin connection: “The war pulls …”.

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It was with Cremaschi that Giletti staged a lively exchange of views. “In war the first victim is the truth, while the ability to reason must be kept intact. The Russians occupy nuclear power plants because they are a strategic target, thinking that they want to unleash war in power plants is propaganda and increases tensions”, underlines Giletti, replying. to Cremaschi’s protests, a perfect example of “neither-nor”, neither with Putin but not even with NATO.

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A somewhat “hairy” and ambiguous position, which Giletti summarizes with a joke: “He is not afraid that rainbow flags become faded? “. Cremaschi lights up:” Let’s not start with the chicken coop! “. And when the situation threatens to ignite, Merlino invokes the time-out:” Dear Giletti, you will now roll your eyes but I have to go to advertising again “.

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