You cannot repair the screen on the iPhone 13 yourself. Apple swap is your only choice

It has been known for a long time that Apple in various ways encourages the use of the official services of this manufacturer, increasingly limiting the room for maneuver in the matter of repairs to teams that are not certified by the Cupertino concern. With the debut of the new generation of iPhone 13 smartphones, the manufacturer has practically closed the way to replacing displays with unofficial channels.

As the iFixit team discovered, Independent replacement of the screen in these devices results in disabling the Face ID function. All because Apple decided to combine the display with a microcontroller that controls the mentioned function.

The editors of the website note that screen replacement is still possible, but it has just become very troublesome – it requires removing a small chip and then soldering it in the right place on a new screen. Such a solution means that significantly fewer service points will decide to offer this service, and its cost may increase significantly.

You can expect that authorized Apple services have access to a special technology that will allow you to easily run the Face ID functionality on a new chip, paired with the screen being mounted. It seems that in the vast majority of cases, users of new iPhones will be forced to visit certified service points, which is associated with a considerable expense.

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