you can’t get out of living on the street without help

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New Profile of Homeless YouthPhoto: M.A. Montesinos | Video: Arturo Iranzo / Victor Rodriguez

If we talk about homeless people, the collective imagination draws a picture of a middle aged manSitting in a street or sleeping in an ATM. however, she is changing profile, Youth’s uncertainty when it comes to finding employment and housing adds to the rare public network for those who are supervised by the administration and turn 18 as well as those fleeing war or poverty. one for expatriates Continued growth of youth living on the streets, Furthermore, life in broken families tends to lead to forced and early emancipation.

Without homes and family networks, without jobs and without income, the lives and concerns of these young people are very different from those of any other person their age. If they are men, they take shelter alone or in groups.In inconspicuous places or in the home of whoever welcomes them as much as possible. if they are women life on the road are big words and Seek Protection From Toxic Partners Or people who mistreat them, knowing that alone they are even more exposed. How to get off the road?

In the Valencian community, a project is being run that seeks not only to house young people living on the streets, but also to give them a future, unfortunately marked by a change in the course of life that denies equal opportunities. Provide tools to people who are old enough to be adults and have a thousand stones in the road. The project is called “Community for the Future and Co-innovation and Autonomy of Homeless Youth”. And it also has a presence in five more autonomous regions with the aim of welcoming and accompanying 210 youths in a state of homelessness through 179 accommodation places. Of course, the project has funding until December 2024. Behind this initiative is the Fasium network (of which hostels and Unit Sant Joan de Deu) and has European funding through Next Generation Funds. Young people at risk have been focused on after detecting an increase in people on the street between the ages of 18 and 29, which has already increased the percentage in the Valencian community by 30%.

laura, sick and brave

Laura will turn 24 in two weeks And he’s already been in a coma twice. The first, in his country (Republic of Guinea), changed his life. the second, in Valencia, banished him from the debauched conditions in which he lived. Both times he opened his eyes and his body did not respond. He had to learn to do it all over again. she was the one homeless woman in valencia, a homeless girl. Today she is one of the members of the Valencian Program and is moved when she remembers what she has lived through to the present moment. What sets Laura apart from other youths in a similar situation is her illness. The girl has multiple sclerosis. In his country, with scarce health resources, he was given a “probable” diagnosis at age 19. If he wanted to live, they “recommended” him to leave. Countries denied him entry, including Spain. After the first coma, the young woman obtains a visa, the family raises money for her one-way ticket without return, and the young woman is forced to leave her family nucleus to live alone in a country that is black, young, sick and Stranger, Homeless recounts the hardships experienced when there is no network to seek refuge in. fear, powerlessness, abuse, “Without papers there is no work and without work there is no papers. You cannot get out of the road situation without help. I have come to ask unknown people to register me. And if I am here today It’s because of the social organizations that have helped and supported me. And he takes the hand of the project’s social educator Aimé, who explains a pioneering project that focuses on homeless youth.

Aimee, a social teacher, takes Laura by the hand.

Sahar, a brilliant mind without fear

Sahar is not called that, but that is what he wants to call himself in this report. he left afghanistan with almost nothing To escape the Taliban and to miss the bombs, the dead friends, the fear and the anger, fleeing to a foreign country. He has a brilliant mind. Study, paint, draw and read to learn the language, the more the better. “I’m brave. My family can’t be here with me, but I can fend for myself”, says a young woman who didn’t live on the streets because of “pure luck”, which they explain today. have exhausted the rest of the resources to get a free place in that project.

According to INE, there are 6,036 homeless people in Spain aged between 18 and 29.S. 2% of these people belong to the Valencian Community. However, these 120 homeless youth from the Valencian community are registered in social services, “which means that the data is too high because it excludes those who are not registered, nor registered anywhere”, he explains. ,

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