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For many, it is a dream to work with celebrities, mainly because of the experience that this situation brings. But is it the same for everyone? For those who are curious about this question, Cristina Cardenaswho worked as a figuration coordinator, revealed that she did not have good experiences working with the singer Shakira.

In an interview with America TV, Cárdenas brought details about the recording routines and demands made by the Colombian singer. See below for more information and what the statements were.

During her conversation, Cristina said that she worked 3 times with Shakira and stressed that “nobody wants to go record with her”.

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“You can’t look at Shakira, if you take your phone out you can’t take pictures of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t address her, it’s strictly forbidden”added the former employee.

She despairs of all people

This was Cristina’s statement about the Colombian artist’s demands and ideas, adding that the recordings were “eternal”. “She’s bossy. A Shakira spot, which can last four hours for photos, takes seventeen. It’s just that the producer, the directors, everyone is desperate.”he said.

Nobody can overshadow her

Cárdenas also said that Shakira is totally strategic and if she notices someone who can overshadow her in any way in her production, she removes the person immediately.

“If there’s one that stands out the most, she takes it out of the shoot. She says, ‘Not you, you out, pointing like that with your finger’

Finally, the former employee of the singer said that: “It’s impossible to work with her, nobody wants to go filming with Shakira. The figuration (the extras) is taken by heartbreak, the team is desperate”commented.

(With Metro Puerto Rico).


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