You drink it every day. It is to improve the parameters of the battery in electric cars

While technology is moving forward, many people are still unconvinced about electric cars. The fact is that assembled the batteries are not lightweight, and their loading time is still unsatisfactory for many. Perhaps this will change soon, and all thanks to the research carried out by scientists from the University of Indonesia in Depok.

According to PAP for Indonesian TV CNA, scientists began their research by developing a lithium-titanate (LTO) battery, which is distinguished by greater stability than lithium-ion batteries. Then they experimented with various admixtures – including tin, silicon and activated carbon from coconut shells.

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In addition, they also made graphene from the used ground coffee, which was then added to the negative electrode on the battery to increase its capacity. The whole thing is not only there significantly reduce the weight of the battery, but also shorten the charging time compared to lithium-ion batteries with graphene anodes.

What values ​​are we talking about? According to a team of scientists led by Prof. Anne Zulfia Syahrial, the weight of an average battery, used in vehicles today, weighing around 500 kg, could be lowered by 200 kg. In turn, in the case of charging the battery in 30 minutes at fast charging stations, these solutions would reduce this time by half.

It must be admitted that such values ​​would significantly affect the use of electric cars. Less weight means more range, and faster charging would make it possible more efficient overcoming long distances. We can only wait for further effects of the work.

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