“You have a new pair!” Anna Klimczewska. Who is looking for love on the internet?

Nowadays our life has moved to the internet. This is where we shop, watch movies and even look for our significant other. What does the search for love look like on the web? We talked about this on Dzień Dobry TVN with Anna Klimczewska, journalist, TV producer and author of the book “You have a new pair!”.

What does online dating look like?

The book “You have a new pair!” Anna Klimczewska, The journalist and producer tells the story of 41-year-old Olga who got divorced and decided to look for a new love on the Internet. How much is the writer in Olga? – I must admit not much, but I had my own profile on a dating site. I needed it while writing the book. I wanted to see what it looks like – said Anna Klimczewska on Dzień Dobry TVN.

The journalist added that the idea for the book did not come from her personal experiences, but from the stories of her friends. I was jerking my sides laughing as I listened to these stories. In the end, I thought that it was necessary to describe it so that other women would know who to meet there – she said.

So, what kind of men can you meet on dating sites or apps? – Unfortunately, many married people who do not admit it. In addition, there are men who are only interested in quick sex. In my opinion, 80 percent. is looking for an adventure, 20 percent – these are the ones who want a real relationship. In the case of women, the opposite is true – said the journalist.

Is looking for love on the internet a shame?

Anna Klimczewska in an interview with Małgorzata Ohme and Filip Chajzer admitted that not only the stories of her friends prompted her to write the book, but the conviction that looking for love online is a shame. – I know many wonderful couples who just met there. However, they do not want to admit it and say that they bumped into each other, for example in the library. I do not understand what is wrong with looking for love online – she said.

And what are the tricks of online dating and app users to get attention? Who uses different filters more often? You will learn about it later in our conversation.

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