“You have to be able to play everything”

Franceinfo in its summer column “Is this really your job?” IN introduces new professions. Out July 10, focus on voice actress Kelly Marott.

Explore the profession of dubbing actress with Kelly Marott

As part of a summer series on surprising or little-known professions, FranceInfo highlights the dubbing actress profession. The chosen example is Kelly Marott, whose voice you are probably familiar with.

Daily life of a dubbing actress

Kelly Marot mainly works in the Lylo studio located in the heart of Paris. She conducts dubbing sessions for cartoons for children aged 6-10 years. Dubbing work requires a keen sense of rhythm and flexibility in interpretation. Indeed, according to the needs of the scenario, the actress may propose variants of the original text. “Wait, does this mean we used the same toothbrush? Shit!” Portrays Kelly with apparent playfulness. according to him, “And then, above all, you have to be an actor in order to have the right intentions”,

their names are famous voices

Specializing in the dubbing of cartoons, movies and series, Kelly Marot is exclusively the French voice of Jennifer Lawrence. hunger gamesWith the famous phrase: “May Luck Be With You”, She also voices Sansa Stark in it. game of ThronesWith lines like: “I bet chopping off heads is very gratifying”, Kelly Marott also lends her voice to Mimi Guignarde in the saga. harry potter,

Video game dubbing

In addition to films and series, Kelly Marott also works in the expanding field of video games. She says: “Now it has more content, it really is like a movie.” Recent collaborations include popular games such as death trap And last of us 2,

a predictable career choice

For Kelly Marott, dubbing is not a secondary activity, but a deliberate career choice. She explains that it allows her to adapt to the roles “We would never do this to Image” And let loose an infinite series of games. for him, it’s just “Best job in the world!”,

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