You have to be careful with the onion. This Chinese smartphone pad is one of my worst purchases

At the end of 2020, I became a fan of cloud gaming. Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming launched on a smartphone have basically become my favorite gaming platforms and have completely replaced the Nintendo Switch I love so far.

I only had a problem with the controller. I used a PS4 pad for a few months, but it wasn’t very convenient in the long run. Bluetooth 2.1 generates long delays by today’s standards, and the microUSB port in the controller and USB-C in the smartphone means that I have to use an adapter.

At the beginning of 2021, I started looking for a pad designed for smartphones, preferably one with a design similar to the Switch. The most obvious choice is Razer Kishi, but the price of & hairsp; – & hairsp; then around 600 PLN & hairsp; – & hairsp; was prohibitive for me for a gadget of this type. One of the advantages of the cloud is the possibility of saving on hardware, and we are talking about half the price of a new generation console.

My choice finally fell on the IPEGA PG-9167 controller, which I regret to this day

Initially, nothing indicated any problems. Chinese brand, but popular and available in popular Polish stores. The average rating on Amazon 3.5 / 5 did not herald a tragedy, and the price of around PLN 150 did not lull me to sleep. The controller is such an uncomplicated device that I believed that for such an amount you can buy equipment from China that simply works.

The availability of reviews was difficult at the time, but the network was full of opinions that said the IPEGA PG-9167 has a good price / performance ratio. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I have no objections to the quality of workmanship and the comfort of use, but the built-in knobs are worst I have ever dealt with. The controller correctly detects only up-down and left-right movements, completely failing to cope with indirect directions. Changing the position of the crosshair diagonally in the shooter is almost a miracle.

I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 at the time, but I was not able to use the purchased controller complete up to half of the missions. From poverty, it would be possible to play something like Tetris on it, but games that require more precise control are eliminated. I just melted the money.

In these situations, the law protects the buyer, but I was unlucky

People making purchases over the Internet have the right to return the goods within 14 days. So why didn’t I use it?

At the time of purchase, I was aware that Google was just working on expanding the list of compatible controllers, and a pad that is not there may or may not work. However, I did not find any information about this particular model online, although other devices of this brand were supposed to work properly.

Upon purchase, it turned out that this particular Stadia pad does not work. Then I was able to send him back, but found information that indicated that support should be added at any moment. And it actually stayed after about 3 weeks.

It was only when the controller started working with the mentioned service that I realized that it was not suitable for playing games that require precise control. And then it was too late for the return.

The result is that I wanted to save PLN 450 and only lost PLN 150. So you have to be careful with the onion.

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