“You must understand that football has changed”

ROME – The midfielder of the Rome, Nemanja Maticgranted an interview to Times on the sidelines of which he wanted to respond to the criticisms of Roy Keane on his account. Not long ago, in fact, the former Irish midfielder had attacked the Serbian after declarations of affection for his former teams: “Matic says Manchester United are in his heart, just like Chelsea and Benfica. They can’t all be in his heart these clubs.”. Anyway, the answer of Matic it was certainly not long in coming: “I have respect for what he has done in his career (Keane, ed), but he must also understand that football has changed. If I played for Chelsea I cannot say that I hate him. How can I not be angry when I talk to the press after the games . His behavior on the pitch today would be red card in most cases. You can’t afford to throw a punch while all the cameras in the world are watching you. The real hero is seen when you go out on the street and you say something, but Roy has always been very nice to me. So what he says in public, to be totally honest, I don’t care more than necessary. I know what I’ve done in my career and I’m very happy. “.

The teams that have the most turnover in Serie A: Roma last

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The teams that have the most turnover in Serie A: Roma last

Matic: “Ten Hag’s style is perfect for United”

Afterwards, Matic expressed his opinion on the new course of the Manchester United under the guidance of the Dutch technician ten Hagwith i Red Devils who after a complicated start have managed to string 4 consecutive victories in the league against Liverpool, Southampton, Leicester And Arsenal: “I see his style of play and I think he is the right one for the team. All the clubs try to do their best, but when things don’t go the right way and the results don’t come it’s difficult. The pressure becomes enormous.”. The Serbian midfielder, in closing, also wanted to defend the former teammate Harry Maguiremassacred by the criticisms of the fans due to the numerous performances not considered to be up to par: “What people are doing against Harry is a shame, these people who write certain things on social media have to be limited. Some people don’t have a life and therefore they pour their wickedness on others”he concluded.

Matic buys a dream home in Rome

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Matic buys a dream home in Rome

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