“You Stole My Heart”: Rihanna’s Tender Announcement For ASAP Rocky And His Son RZA

This Sunday, June 18, singer Rihanna took to social media to talk about her love for her beau ASAP Rocky, as well as her one-year-old son RZA Athelstan Meyers.

It’s no secret that Rihanna is on cloud nine since being in a relationship with ASAP Rocky. After months of rumours, the star couple formalized their relationship in 2021. Since then, both have been successful to make a family with the advent of rza athelston Meyers, their first child, on May 13, 2022. A little kid who makes them proud on a daily basis, and who will soon be joining them a younger brother or sister Because Jay-Z’s protégé is expecting her second child.

The good news was announced on February 13, during Rihanna’s big return to the stage during the Superbowl. Since then, the singer, close to his customers on social networks, Do not miss to express your happiness in public On Instagram. This Sunday, June 18, on the occasion of Father’s Day, he sent a tender statement to his beloved and her son.

rihanna more in love than ever

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are swimming in happiness and have no intention of hiding from it. This Sunday, June 18, the rapper took to Instagram in celebration of Father’s Day Talk about his role as head of the family, “It’s Father’s Day Everyday”he wrote in the caption of several unreleased photos with his son RZA Athelstan and his sweetheart Rihanna.

The latter didn’t take long to comment on the post. “The mayor stole my whole heart. Happy Father’s Day”, she proudly announced. A rare speech that appears to have pleased internet users who were among the 15,000 who liked his tender statement.

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