You want Will Smith to write to you? Live like there’s no tomorrow

Help strangers, take advantage of great opportunities, register wherever you go. Then an American celebrity or Sephora might write to you.

The Nigerian prince does not reveal the secrets of his game, how he chooses his victims. Maybe because there is no big secret in it and he sends messages to all the e-mail addresses he can collect? In fact, it can only have one criterion – to write to a man from Europe. It then needs two pieces of information: an email address and the region where it comes from. And how much information does Will Smith need to extort 45,000? zloty? And how many Clint Eastwood’s son did it take to raise money for his treatment?

Will Smith: Will you take my pack of diamonds?

The 35-year-old girl from Chełm corresponded with Will Smith. They talked so well that he asked her to collect a package of diamonds and a few million dollars. It was not a problem and a friend of Will, whom she met on Instagram, wanted to collect the parcel and even paid a total of 45,000. PLN to obtain the appropriate certificate and pay the customs duty. Here the relationship broke off, one can shyly suspect that it was not the real Will Smith.

The American actor seems likeable, who would not transfer him 45,000. zloty. Clint Eastwood must be even more sympathetic, because the amount has increased.

Help, I have a sick Eastwood.

A inhabitant of Piaseczno donated 600,000 to Clint Eastwood for treatment. PLN, to his son of course. They corresponded a bit, he confided in his problems with financial liquidity, he had a vision of good investments, and somehow it turned out.

I’ve always wondered how victims are selected for such scams – from the browsing history on filmweb, or completely at random? Counting on a stroke of luck is probably a waste of time.

Were the swindlers interested in the place of residence of the victims, or were the interests of the deceived enough for them? They acted at random, simultaneously corresponding with hundreds of potential victims, hoping that the one to come had enough money? Maybe they had more profiles and chose the ones that gave them the best chance that someone would transfer them well over half a million zlotys in installments? For example, those promising that they have a lot of cash.

We are great professionals, but we leaked something.

A data leak from any bank could be a great opportunity to select a victim. All you need is a bearing and VIP account status to spread your wings. It didn’t even have to be a bank. In 2018, the Marriot group admitted that its network had succumbed to an effective and prolonged hacking attack. 500 million details of the group’s customers have been leaked. Probably enough to select a potential victim based on the wealth of her wallet?

LinkedIn, Adobe and Yahoo can boast of similar mishaps. Data are leaking out to giants and small urology offices. In Great Britain it was calculated that 32 percent. this data is used later in phishing attempts. Probably such as the still popular extortion of Rossmann and Sephora.

We broke because we are giving away everything for free

It is still happening, outstanding opportunities at Rossmann and Sephora. A distributed advertisement that looks like a screenshot from TVP News informs that the store is being closed, therefore goods will be distributed. Free, but you can only take two. It sounds beautiful, but raises suspicions, but it is tempting to at least check and read where the catch is. After clicking, all you have to do is provide your details in the pseudo registration process, including those from the credit card. Signing up for a savory paid subscription is the lowest possible penalty.

Sorry, I gave you your number by mistake.

Providing the card number is not necessary to obtain money. It is enough to answer the wrong SMS, for example from a lady who allegedly gave the wrong phone number when registering on some portal. By coincidence, this is our number and the lady now asks us to give her the password sent in the test message. This way, we sign up for a paid subscription via SMS. I have already turned off such subscriptions to two elderly people from my close family.

Accept the new Allegro regulations

We only realize how many different websites we are registered with when the regulations change and the service provider has to write to us with a request to accept the new regulations. It is then easy to click Accept in a skilfully crafted email.

About two years ago, selected Allegro users received a message asking them to accept the new regulations. A normal thing, especially right after the change in the provisions on the protection of personal data. Only the real purpose of the message was abnormal. Button I accept moved to a fake page, where a form was waiting to be filled in with our login data to a real transaction service. It is probably worth sending such a message to a selected group of users so that the taken over account has some value? Selecting potential victims must be based on our data left in the network.

Does everyone know this password?

That when there is something for free on the Internet, you really pay with your data? Even a program designed to protect us from viruses.

Avast free antivirus might have protected against them, but he was selling at the same time data of its users. He collected a lot of them, one of the products he sold was All clicks feedwhich contained all the information about what users were doing on the web. The data was bought by companies such as Microsoft, Google and Pepsi and used them to analyze trends in online behavior. Not all users were for sale, only those who gave their consent, that is, all those who do not read the information displayed on subsequent screens in the process of installing and registering for free Antivirus. Are you among them?

Antivirus … it’s probably not anymore. People are more dangerous than viruses. There are many ways to increase your safety on the Internet or your loved ones. It’s a good idea to use two-factor authentication where possible. It is also worth taking an interest in the browser settings in the Privacy section and which one protects our data better. One of the solutions that can help hide us from the tentacles of the network is a VPN. We can also use them on phones or other devices, our parents and children.

When using a VPN, we hide our IP address, which prevents all our traffic from being associated with us. It will be impossible to associate frequent visits to the Will Smith fan club website with our IP address. As can be seen from the example of the lady from Piaseczno, sympathy for the American actor does not have to be meaningless information. Of course, the fact that the scammers had contacted her could have been blind luck and, very happily, an extortion.

A VPN also helps to hide our location, which in turn will also obscure our offline activities. It will also help when we need to use a public, open WiFi network in an emergency. Using it will become more secure when the connection is encrypted and our online activity cannot be read easily. Other advantages are the real incognito mode when browsing the web, without any tracking files or notifications about an attack on an e-mail account.

He proposes such solutions Surfshark. This article was written in collaboration with them.

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